Fusion Accounting Hub

Date: 18-Aug-2014

EBS R12 has a common accounting engine for all subledgers called Subledger Accounting (SLA). There is also a platform for customers to generate accounting for all their non-Oracle Apps transactional systems using a rule based system called Financial Read More

Oracle Endeca for Oracle iStore 11i or R12.X

Date: 18-Aug-2014

Oracle Endeca integration with Oracle iStore 11i or R12 offers all the required functionalities to empower an iStore site.With Oracle Endeca Increase the page rankings Index more pages Optimize Read More

B2B Solutions using Oracle Commerce (ATG)

Date: 18-Aug-2014

iBizSoft team has been implementing Oracle iStore B2B solutions for organizations such as Starbucks, Lifefitness, McGrawHill, BIC and many other Fortune 1000 companies around the globe. Oracle Commerce (ATG) is being used by global retailers such as Read More

Fusion Financials - Create Supplier Model and Payment Term

Date: 11-Jun-2014

Creating a Supplier Model Background This is a high level demonstration of an existing supplier with a site and site assignment. Suppliers are controlled by the Supplier Model in Procurement and are addressed in the Oracle Fusion Read More

Fusion Financials - User Registration and Managing Taxes

Date: 11-Jun-2014

Registering as an user on Fusion: Read More

Comparison of Fusion Financials AP/AR modules with Oracle R12 Financials AP/AR modules

Date: 11-Jun-2014

Oracle Fusion Payments is a product in Oracle Fusion Applications, which serves as a disbursement and funds capture engine for other Oracle Fusion Applications. As the central payment engine, Payments processes:• Transactions, such as invoice payme Read More

High-level comparison of Fusion Financials with Oracle R12 Financials

Date: 27-May-2014

For many of the capabilities that exist in Oracle EBS R12 Financials, Fusion Financials has a different way of meeting the same functional requirements. Some examples are Responsibilities and Security, Setup, and Reporting which are quite unlike EBS. Read More

ERPIntegra: Integration of eCommerce store developed in Oracle ATG Web Commerce with Oracle E-Busine

Date: 27-May-2014

ERPIntegra, for Oracle ATG Web Commerce, provides a dashboard for users / merchants to integrate a standalone eCommerce store developed in Oracle ATG Web Commerce with Oracle E-Business Suite. ERPIntegra would be useful for organizations who have Read More

Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow) integration with Endeca

Date: 27-May-2014

iBizSoft's Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow Knowledgebase) integration with Endeca offers a powerful combination for the Oracle Cloud and Oracle Commerce users in guided search functionality. Endeca users know its Guided Search is the most effective Read More

Setting Oracle ATG Commerce Service Center (CSC)

Date: 19-Mar-2014

Installing and Configuring ATG CSC (Commerce Service Center) 1. Install ATG Commerce Service Center (CSC) and Web Commerce Search. 2. Create two new users SVCAgent and SVCAdmin. Grant dba privileges to the users. 3. Run CIM. Application Serve Read More

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