Visual Product Search

Visual Product Search for Commerce storefront

Enhance shopping experiences for your customers using efficient search tools

Display your online merchandise to shoppers using the image recognition features for your eCommerce storefront.

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Increase the conversion rate

With image recognition features available in the precise Visual Product search tool enhance the entire buying journey and increase the conversion rate.

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Enhance the buying behavior and optimize the ideal product assortment by easily tuning search results and boosting product placement. All through intuitive user interface.

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Empowering merchants

Zero user errors on search

With real time matches of images on smart phones and tablets, deliver accurate search results with zero errors.

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Increase the conversion rate

Using data science toenhance search

Integrated with machine learning models enhancing search and personalizing customer experiences to drive sales and loyalty.

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Using data science to enhance search
Delivering accurate results
With Visual Product Search engine, shoppers can find products, parts, and drawings using a photo or even a hand-sketch, thus consistently delivering relevant accurate search results despite query misspellings and product variances
Eliminating re-engineering
Visual Product Search capability can be easily integrated with your existing platform or eCommerce tech stack without having to re-engineer or migrate over to a newer platform.
Pages that display results
Expand the search capabilities with Visual Product Search helping shoppers and your own field service reps find the products they need by uploading images of the products and parts they want to buy.

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