Why iBizSoft?

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Why iBizSoft?

With 20+ years of eCommerce implementations for over 100 different marquee clients, such as, Starbucks, TaylorMade, McGraw Hill, LifeFitness and many others, iBizSoft ‘s team provides well-thought-out eCommerce solutions that connect various areas of the business, including enhanced user and customer experiences.

We build intuitive eCommerce applications with striking designs and unique customer experiences to wow your shoppers. Our solutions on various eCommerce platforms, that we also support, have gone through iterative performance and load tests to ensure they are scalable and will help you increase your online revenue. Integration to 3rd-party vendors for shipping, tax and payment processors, are validated solutions with plug-and-play components to meet your requirements. Additionally, products such as, ERPIntegra allows you to import online orders into nearly any ERP system like Oracle E-Business Suite, JD Edwards and SAP, without any manual intervention.

iBizSoft’s professional team of experts are there at every step in building an effective and profitable online store with services rendered for your success.

iBizSoft Facts

Combined experience dating back to 1989 and serving customers globally since 2001

Partner with Sales Teams of various strategic partners to provide our customers the ability to leverage the most current commerce and cloud solutions

Offering cost-effective commerce and cloud solutions

Partner with Client Teams to deliver on-time and within budget for a Win/Win successful project

Our goal is to earn repeat customers with a long-term relationship in mind

Our Mission

Committed to delivering innovative solutions and consulting services to the satisfaction
of our clients.

Our Vision

Inspire and nurture the growth of companies using eCommerce platforms.

Our Core Values

People with integrity and diligence who value ethics and transparency.

Global Presence

Through a global presence, our team has deployed innovative solutions that fit many verticals in various regions.

Experience beyond comparison

Utilizing more than 400 combined years of experience, our team can share their knowledge to grow your business.

Being a team player

Every member of the team has contributed to the success of the organization and has been dedicated to best practices for continuing the customer experience.

In-Depth knowledge

What truly differentiates us is in-depth knowledge of commerce-related services and our expertise in delivering commerce solutions and services across various verticals involving retail, manufacturing, telecom, distribution, education and more.

Broad range of talent

With a broad range of talent on the team, ranging from senior-level technologists to retail and business strategists, our team has the expertise in commerce technologies, delivering forward-thinking technology and strategy aligned with omni-channel knowledge of market trends, tools and best practices.

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