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  • Experience Commerce Fitness

    The Leading Global Fitness Company gets parts business in shape with Oracle Commerce solution. Our customer leveraged Oracle technology to streamline operational processes. Service Technicians have the ability to search product catalog online, place an order, and track orders in real time. The solution improved efficiency and productivity for Dealers and Customer Service team members.
  • Awaken your Customer
    Experience with Oracle

    Leading Sleep Experts select Oracle Commerce to automate Customer Experience. Our customer had been receiving low-value orders via traditional channels such as telephone, fax and e-mail. Manually processed orders led to errors and were time-consuming. Oracle Commerce automated order-processing and provided Self Service Customer Portal to access real time account information.
    iBizSoft helped our customer reduce costs and save staff time by providing resellers a B2B self-service solution through which to make such purchases via the web and mobile devices.

  • Oracle Configure to Order
    in 24 Hours

    Our customer is recognized by 9 out of 10 people and the leader in custom imprinted promotional products. This global Oracle E-Business Suite customer leverages Oracle Commerce for employees, distributors, and end customers to configure to order custom imprint solutions. Oracle technology drives superior levels of customer service and increased ability to improve management of supply chain. Customer Services is at the cornerstone with a 24 Hour Service turnaround on orders as a key benefit of Oracle Commerce.
  • Perks of Oracle Commerce

    Our customer offers the finest coffee to customers around the globe. The customer leverages Oracle E-Business Suite to drive shared services and efficiencies. Oracle Commerce provides partner stores the ability to access B2B product catalog. A store will login to Oracle, access personalized product catalog, place an order, access previous order history, and ability to repeat orders or track orders. This Self Service Portal provides store managers access to a defined product catalog versus proving access to Oracle Order Management. The personalized catalog offers partner managers a tool to manage store inventory so they can focus on delivering the best customer experience.

The Enterprise Experts

Our Oracle team is committed to meet the demands of your business requirements and provide results. iBizSoft continues to solve business challenges for leading global customers at a cost that fits their budget to provide an ROI to business. With iBizSoft's Oracle Certified Consultants, we continue to deliver enterprise solutions to deliver your project on time and on budget.

Experienced iBizSoft SWAT team is deployed when business demands. Utilizing a fixed cost model, the client reduces risk of scope creep. As you trust our experience of one hundred plus successful client projects, the client pays for the services based on project milestones mutually agreed upon in project plan. As a strategic business partner for your Oracle projects, we share the risk of the project. Our delivery team is able to scale the number of resources based on the demand of your project. iBizSoft's skilled Technical team and Project Managers will deploy the appropriate team members to deliver your project on time and within budget.

Our team can provide project estimates and scope requirements based on business requirements and budget. Our team normally provides several options based on business, best practices, and what's realistic to get you to the finish line. iBizSoft offers state-of-the-art test servers with most every possible combination of technology reducing the technology risks of our clients. Feel free to reach out to our sales team or consultants at iBizSoft to schedule a call to learn about our Oracle solutions.

Our Services

Oracle Commerce

Integrate personalized search results into your customer’s shopping experience
Streamline merchandising operations with an easy-to-use, Web-based interface
Preview personalized content in real time
Test search configuration changes

Oracle E-Business Suite

Oracle Channel Revenue Management
Oracle Marketing
Oracle Order Management
Oracle iPayment
Oracle Service

Endeca Commerce

Deliver targeted, user-centric experiences in a scalable way
Ingest any type of data from any source to power smarter, richer experiences
Guide and influence customers at each step of their experience to encourage exploration and discovery

Cloud Computing

Develop profitable relationships
Modernize Marketing
Sell Smart
Empower People and Business
Simplify Planning and Budgeting
Our Clients

iBizSoft Facts

Oracle Experience dating back to 1989 and serving Oracle customers as iBizSoft since 2001.
Partner with Oracle Sales team to provide customers ability to leverage most current Oracle solutions. Our team integrates newest technology stack prior to any Oracle standard integration. ie. Oracle Commerce on EBS, Service Cloud on EBS, or Endeca on EBS.
Offer cost effective solutions with fixed team rate.
Partner with Client Team to deliver On time and within Budget for a Win/Win Successful Project.
Our goal is to earn repeat Customers so we deliver with long term relationship in mind.

Our Mission

iBizSoft is a global Oracle Platinum Partner committed to delivering innovative Oracle solutions designed around client's business requirements. iBizSoft specializes in Oracle Customer Experience which includes Commerce and Service Cloud. iBizSoft has built a solid reputation based on our in-house R&D team. Over the years, we've partnered with many Oracle team members who rely on iBizSoft to integrate the latest technology solution. Our team can offer guidance on best way to build out integration and test to ensure it works. Our team is committed to helping Oracle reps win new customers and project managers get project approved. We offer a 'Fixed Cost Model', agree to an SOW, and commit to delivering the solution on time and within budget. We've leveraged this strategy to grow as a company and build a reputation as a 'value player' for specialized Oracle modules.

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