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Oracle Commerce

Oracle Commerce Information Discovery

iBizSoft has always been in the forefront with its offerings or solutions when it comes to demonstrating the usefulness of integrating Oracle Commerce with EBusiness Suite modules (such as Oracle iStore, Order Management, Inventory, Pricing, TCA etc). Leveraging key features of Oracle Commerce In front with modules such as Oracle iStore, iBizSoft has been able to demonstrate more powerful Oracle Commerce search capabilities, feature rich templates in addition to deploying an integrated cart functionality with Oracle EBS.

iBizSoft actively partners with the Oracle Commerce development team and deploys demos showing Oracle Commerce Latitude integration with Oracle EBS modules. Click here to know more on the integrations. Oracle Commerce Latitude is a pre-built integration for the much-awaited R12.2 Oracle EBS version. Reach out to our Sales Consultants at to know more on the integration between Oracle Commerce Infront or Latitude products with earlier versions of Oracle EBS.

Key Functionality at a Glance

Oracle Commerce Information Discovery offers a broad range of features for information discovery. The individual components of the solution are described here:

Oracle Commerce Server. The core search-analytical database organizes complex and varied data from disparate source systems into a faceted data model that is extremely flexible and reduces the need for up-front data modeling. This highly-scalable server enables users to explore data in an unconstrained and impromptu manner and to rapidly address new questions that inevitably follow every new insight.

Studio. This highly-interactive, component-based environment is used for quickly and iteratively building enterprise-class discovery applications. Through a Studio application, business professionals gain access to all the information they need and the freedom to explore the information in an intuitive manner using search and interactive visualizations. The result is unprecedented visibility, analytic power, and insight.

Integration Suite. This suite of tools enables the rapid unification and augmentation of diverse sources of information. It includes (1) the Content Acquisition System for gathering content from file systems, content management systems, and websites, (2) the Integrator which provides out-of-the-box ETL tooling for integrating and enriching enterprise data, and (3) the open Web Services API which allows for direct data integration from other tools, such as Oracle Data Integrator, Informatica PowerCenter and Hadoop.

Oracle Commerce Content Management System Connectors. This add-on module allows for integration of content stored in various enterprise content management systems. Currently supported systems include: EMC Documentum, EMC Documentum eRoom, FileNet P8, FileNet Document & Image Services, Interwoven TeamSite, Lotus Notes/Domino, Microsoft SharePoint, and OpenText LiveLink.

Oracle Commerce Text Enrichment. This add-on module includes text analysis capabilities for extraction of people, places, organizations, quotes, and themes as well as core summarization capabilities for automatic creation of abstracts or topical summaries.

Oracle Commerce Text Enrichment with Sentiment Analysis. This add-on module includes all of the Text Enrichment capabilities as well as advanced text analysis for extraction of aggregate sentiment related to each extracted concept. Sentiment is extracted with a score indicating the positive and negative nature of a document or an entity in the document. These scores can be used within the faceted search experience by varying ranges of positivity and negativity.

Oracle Commerce Infront

Oracle Commerce Infront is a customer experience engine that delivers the most relevant content to each customer based on their context (search term, browse state, user profile, order history, etc.), at the sub-second response times required of customer-facing Web applications. As a result, customers can quickly and easily find the best part and related information for their needs, regardless of the data source where it is stored and managed, or the type of data (database row, PDF, CAD file, etc.).

Based on the recently acquired Oracle Commerce MDEX engine, Oracle Commerce is the standard for Web and eCommerce information retrieval, and is used on some of the largest parts web applications.

Oracle Commerce Experience Manager is the application that allows a business analyst to actively change and configure site features (via "templates" and "cartridges") without requiring an IT developer and a 6-8 week build, test, release cycle for every new feature release. As a result, IT teams are much more responsive for rolling out new features and sites, and business teams can improve the customer experience more rapidly and effectively.

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