ServiceNow Integration

Integrate ServiceNow functionalities with Oracle E-Business Suite and SAP modules


ServiceNow Integrations

Are you an organization with many internal processes and core business, using ERP applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite or SAP, and looking to leverage the latest in Cloud technology offering a unique and enhanced customer experience? ServiceNow offers various intelligent workflows, replacing the unstructured business processes fully integrated, with your backoffice ERP application.

While the ServiceNow platform provides numerous means for integrating with Oracle E-Business Suite or SAP, it isn’t always trivial or obvious to build these integrations. With our ServicceNow integrated solutions tie your systems together in an effective and supportable manner offering an enhanced customer experience using ServiceNow Portals or via its backend administrative functionalities.ServiceNow integrations

The most common integrations are around Incident Management, Knowledge Management, User Administration and Single Sign-on with the ERP Applications. Many industry standard technologies such as Web Services and JDBC, including SOAP and RESTful APIs, have been used to develop these integrations.

Some examples of successful integrations demonstrated include but not limited to :

  • Ensuring data is synced up between ServiceNow and the backoffice applications (eg. Oracle E-Business Suite and SAP)
  • Using ServiceNow’s CSM to manage the incidents created in the backoffice systems

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