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There are not many eCommerce products that are scalable to an enterprise level, which is very much required for a businesses with high growth plans. eComchain is one such product. Designed and developed by iBizSoft, eComchain targets a market of verticals such as Manufacturers, Distributors, and Resellers who would like to increase their online presence and sales and do so quickly and easily without huge costs. Similarly; Sales, Service and Social Cloud platforms offer value for money to capture important information on prospects and users, which can then be tied to any eCommerce solution.

eComchain, a SaaS based B2B and B2C electronic Commerce or eCommerce solution, is implemented on the most reliable Amazon hosted platform, with a cost-effective and competitive plan, without incurring huge expenses on retail shops to carry inventory or to do conventional online business. eComchain is a unique solution with its Business to Business to Business to Consumer or B2B2C model.

Utilizing features such as multi-tenancy, multi-language and multi-currency, an online store using eComchain, will be a global product provider with no boundaries for merchants or consumers alike. Integrating the eComchain solution with backend systems like Oracle E-Business Suite, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, JD Edwards, and others, the iBizSoft team has developed considerable opportunities for businesses to leverage their current investment of a backend ERP solution.

eComchain solutions can be deployed on dedicated or custom-built dedicated server that addresses all your business needs. Our technical experts have kept the architecture and technical stack flexible enough for you to deploy the Cloud-based eComchain solution on a dedicated server, providing you the flexibility and scalability that your business demands.

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