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A Sneak Peak in to Order Management Cloud

So what's the best way to learn features & functionalities in Oracle's Order Management Cloud - Purchase It ! iBizSoft team took almost 3 months to understand the various features of Order Management Cloud. Compared to Oracle EBS Order Management, the cloud-version has miles to go. Read more

Improved Customer Experience for iStore Users

iBizSoft has been implementing Oracle iStore since 2001. With more than 100+ iStore implementations to its credit for customers like Starbucks, TempurPedic, TaylorMade, BIC, LifeFitness and many such marque organizations around the globe. Read more

Intuitive Portal integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite & SAP

Adopting to a Portal or being able to access data in a snap are one of most ambitious projects taken up by many organizations. As with any of your Enterprise-level projects, there are challenges one has to deal with on making Portal-implementation a success. Read more

B2B Solutions Using Oracle Commerce (ATG)

iBizSoft team has been implementing Oracle iStore B2B solutions for organizations such as Starbucks, Lifefitness, McGrawHill, BIC and many other Fortune 1000 companies around the globe. Read more

Oracle Endeca For Oracle IStore 11i Or R12.X

Oracle Endeca integration with Oracle iStore 11i or R12 offers all the required functionalities to empower an iStore site. Read more

Fusion Accounting Hub

EBS R12 has a common accounting engine for all subledgers called Subledger Accounting (SLA). There is also a platform for customers to generate accounting for all their non-Oracle Apps transactional systems using a rule based system called Financial Accounting Hub (FAH) which exposes the SLA rules engine to external systems which enables bringing those into EBS and generating the accounting for multiple systems in one place, using standardized, transparent accounting rules. Read more

Fusion Accounting Hub (FAH)

Fusion provides a way for Peoplesoft, EBS and JDEdwards customers to move to Fusion in an incremental manner, consolidating data from several GL instances into one Fusion system. The result is Fusion Accounting Hub (FAH). This article describes the Fusion Accounting Hub (FAH) functionality. Read more

Fusion Financials - Cash Management

Oracle Fusion Cash Management provides a Bank Statements and Reconciliation work area to view Process Warnings and Errors, view Bank Statement Reconciliations that are complete and incomplete, and from the Process Monitor, view and resubmit processes. This article describes the setup of Cash Management functionality in Fusion Financials. Read more

Fusion Financials - Asset Management

This article describes the setup of Asset Management functionality in Fusion Financials. Read more

Using the personalization feature in Oracle Commerce (ATG)

Many of the new age sites offer the personalization feature on the merchandise sold. For eg. an end user would like to personalize a pen, thats being sold on the site, by uploading a graphical logo and getting it imprinted on the pen as a final product, before placing the order. This feature has increased the web traffic tremendously, as traditional shops do not provide this feature in every walk-in store. This feature is useful for both B2B and / or B2C sites Read more

Sharing a Cart in Oracle Commerce

In a typical B2B environment its a normal requirement for Organizations requesting to share a cart within the organization's B2B users or to be able to share a cart with their distributors who is affiliated to that organization. Read more

Order Approval in Oracle Commerce for B2B implementations

For many B2B implementations, typically there is an Order approval process to ensure the customer (or a buyer / purchaser) has met with the Payment terms of the merchant. This approval process needs to be built for any Oracle Commerce implementation. Read more

Oracle Endeca Latitude integration with iStore

Oracle Endeca Latitude or OEID (Endeca Information Discovery) enables agility and drives innovation through enterprise self-service discovery, which lets a user upload and combine any type of data. Read more

Deploying and downloading Mobile apps from Oracle Commerce (ATG)

The potential offered by Oracle Commerce that lets users download a Mobile App can be enormous, specially where there are multiple mobile apps that are downloadable from a single Oracle Commerce Store, after the user is authenticated. Read more

Fusion Financials - Create Supplier Model and Payment Term

In Oracle Fusion Financials, suppliers are modeled as a global entity and are not created within a business unit or within any other organizational context. Read more

Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow) integration with Endeca

iBizSoft's Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow Knowledgebase) integration with Endeca offers a powerful combination for the Oracle Cloud and Oracle Commerce users in guided search functionality. Read more

ERPIntegra: Integration of eCommerce store developed in Oracle ATG Web Commerce with Oracle EBS

ERPIntegra, for Oracle ATG Web Commerce, provides a dashboard for users / merchants to integrate a standalone eCommerce store developed in Oracle ATG Web Commerce with Oracle E-Business Suite. Read more

High-level comparison of Fusion Financials with Oracle R12 Financials

For many of the capabilities that exist in Oracle EBS R12 Financials, Fusion Financials has a different way of meeting the same functional requirements. Some examples are Responsibilities and Security, Setup, and Reporting which are quite unlike EBS. Fusion handles these three areas in a much better way than EBS. Read more

Setting up Promotions and Coupon Code in Oracle ATG

Oracle ATG 10.2 provides a simple easy-to-use user interface to create Promotion and Coupon Codes. The iBizSoft team has gone a step further by having these Promotion Codes, setup in BCC, validated against the promotion codes in Oracle EBS or any other backend system using this functionality. Read more

Integrating Oracle Service Cloud with Oracle ATG 10.2

ATG CSC or Commerce Service Center offers the same functionalities that are typically offered by an ATG CRS site, with the difference that a CSC User Interface could be more useful for the internal Customer Service reps. It has all the functionalities such as Searching for a Product, Add it to the Cart, picking Shipping / Billing addresses and Placing an Order. Read more

Setting up Oracle ATG Commerce Service Center (CSC)

ATG Commerce Service Center (CSC) is comprised of customer-facing (or production) and agent-facing clusters. The customer-facing cluster contains the customer store, ATG Commerce, ATG Self Service and other client facing components. The following instructions describe how to set up ATG Commerce Service Center. If you are installing ATG CSC with an existing installation of ATG Commerce, refer to the Configuring ATG Commerce Service Center with ATG Commerce section. Read more

Why Upgrade Oracle ATG 9.X to a higher release

Oracle ATG Commerce 11.0 was released couple of weeks back. In the interim, if you are an ATG 9.X user this white paper would give you more insight on the new features of ATG 10.X. iBizSoft team has been involved with Oracle ATG the past couple of years and have found compelling reasons to propose Oracle ATG for our current customer base. Read more

Important tasks when upgrading ATG 9.X to ATG 10.X

Oracle ATG 9.X to 10.X involves significant amount of mandatory steps and tasks. This article discusses in detail the following tasks involved Read more

ATG Accelerators

Users implementing ATG can use ready made solutions for various functionalities related to ATG deployment in various verticals such as Telecom, Retail, Manufacturing etc. These solutions cut down ATG development considerably. iBizSoft team has built these pre-packaged solutions using the standard and best practices contributing considerable amount of time on quality and efficiency of the functionality. Read more

Using ATG Business Commerce Reference Application

Many of you have implemented and used the Commerce Reference Store (CRS) that's the end user facing demo ATG site that comes with the out-of-the-box installation of ATG 10.2 or 9.X. ATG Business Commerce Reference (BCR) applicaiton demonstrates features and functionality of Oracle ATG Web Commerce that can be deployed for a B2B site. Read more

Integrating Endeca with ATG 9.X

iBizSoft's ATG and Endeca experts deployed a solution for ATG users on 9.X, who can benefit by integrating Endeca 3.1.2 with ATG 9.X. Using Endeca Assembler APIs provided by Endeca 3.1.2, the integration that exists between ATG 10.2 and Endeca can be back ported. Read more

Deploying Endeca MDEX Search engine for financial industries

There are innumerable sites in the financial industry which has important information for the users under certain age group, belong to a particular region and based on gender. When users log in to these sites, it becomes imperative only pertinent information related to that user is displayed. Read more

PCI Compliance by Tokenizing Credit Card Numbers

PCI compliance is an urgent requirement for all types of organizations, small to large conglomerates. iBizSoft partners with many payment processors around the globe to ensure Oracle Applications, processing Credit Card transactions, are PCI compliant. Read more

Integrating Oracle EBS with a Netherlands based Payment Processor

iBizSoft team is involved with an organization popular for its navigation related products that requires integrating various EBS modules with a Netherlands based payment processor. This ensures all sales of products and services were paid-for via this payment processor. These included Shippable items and services (like maps, updates etc), serviceable items and also free over the air updates. Over and beyond, their operations are spread worldwide and this solution consolidates all transactions via the payment processor for best possible rates based on volumes. Read more

BPEL Certified for Prebuilt E-Business Suite 12.1 SOA Integrations

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) integrations with Oracle E-Business Suite can either be custom integrations that you build yourself or prebuilt integrations from Oracle. For more information about the differences between the two options for SOA integrations, see this previously-published certification announcement. Read more

Oracle Business Process Management (BPM) Check Book Request application

The application demonstrates a Check book order process in a Banking environment implemented using Oracle BPM work flow. Using Oracle BPM, the process can be easily tweaked and the approval process become more transparent and flexible. Read more

Leave Management Process Flow Oracle BPM to eBS

The Oracle BPM application demonstrates the integration between Oracle BPM and E-Business Suite HRMS module. The leave request is initiated and approved within Oracle BPM and is finally imported and posted into EBS. Read more

ATG with Social Cloud

The demo outlines the functionality of Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM) integrated with an ATG Site to allow businesses to track the social chatter and better communicate with target audience. It helps site admins and social marketers to better connect with clients - both existing and potential. Read more

Oracle Endeca integrated with Oracle Configurator

Interested in knowing how you can leverage your investment on Oracle Endeca investment by being able to sell Oracle Configurator models online, contact or Our team can demonstrate a working demo illustrating Parts search, model search from with in Endeca (MDEX engine) using its faceted-search algorithm and also be able to place an Order for the same. This would be especially useful for B2B organizations who have implemented Oracle Configurator and have plans to implement Oracle Endeca to take their business to the next level by increasing their online presence. Read more

Setting up an ATG Custom site for SMEs

From what our team has seen, it should take only a few months for SMEs (small to medium size enterprises) to deploy a Custom ATG site, with a particular branding, if SMEs are inclinded to use CRS as the framework to deploy their production website. is one such website deployed for a customer of iBizSoft. Read more

Creating an Endeca Infront Landing page

Click here to learn more on creating an Endeca Landing page with promotional campaigns, image management etc. Read more

Personalizing an ATG Site

ATG Release 10.2 comes with an out of the box store called Commerce Reference Store (CRS), which has all the features that an end user can expect for a B2C site. However, there's some changes or extensions that an ATG developer will need to implement for an ATG site to look or perform as per the requirements. Read more

CTI Integration with RightNow

Computer telephony integration, also called computertelephone integration or CTI, is a common name for any technology that allows interactions on a telephone and acomputer to be integrated or coordinated. The term is predominantly used to describe desktop-based interaction for helping users be more efficient, though it can also refer to server-based functionality such as automatic call routing. Read more

EBS 11i Fulfillment Delay application using Endeca Information Discovery

The article gives the detailed steps to create an Endeca Information discovery ETL graph and the studio application to display Fulfillment data for customers, including the item details. The Fulfillment system being used in this application is the Oracle EBS 11i ERP. Read more

Tax Calculation in ATG

ATG provides a bunch of components / methods for Tax Calculations and other functionalities like Shipping Charges, Payment Methods etc. Lets take a quick look at how a Tax Processor or Calculator can be used to show up on an ATG Site. Read more

Endeca Information Discovery Installation with WebLogic and Tomcat servers

Installing and running Endeca Server and its components for creating applications and enable importing and analyzing data from various sources Read more

Creating Oracle Configurator UI with Custom Templates

Creating reusable templates in Oracle Configurator which can be applied to multiple models enabling standard look and feel Read more

Troubleshooting ATG - Part I

As iBizSoft is getting ready to deploy an ATG site, our team of ATG experts would like to share a few troubleshooting tips to resolve errors related to 'ant all' or issues related to shipping methods. Read more

Tokenizing Credit Cards for Service Contracts module

iBizSoft has implemented multiple Oracle Payments (R12) or iPayment (11i) projects with multiple modules in EBS. Tokenization ensure PCI Compliance, thereby saving $$$ for organizations using Oracle EBS. Read more

Setting up Customer Account Pricelist

iStore customers can use the out of the box functionality of assigning a Pricelist to the Customer Account. IBE Profile Option, Use Customer Account Price List need to be set to 'Yes' for the users to get the account related pricing. Read more

Improving Customer Experience by using Oracle Endeca Infront

Oracle Endeca is a customer experience engine that delivers the most relevant content to each customer based on their context (search term, browse state, user profile, order history, etc.), at the sub-second response times required of customer-facing Web applications. Using Oracle Endeca Experience Manager (XM) business can set up the context with ease along with the landing page and other templates for content rich Endeca website. With Endeca's search capabilities customers can quickly and easily find the best sku or part # with its related information for their needs, regardless of the data source where it is stored and managed, or the type of data (database row, PDF, CAD file, etc.). Read more

How to Customize RightNow Customer Portal

RightNow Customer Portal is a Cloud-based Portal developed and deployed using PHP technology. Customizing the PHP files to get the look and feel or the UI that a business / customer expects will require the following steps to be implemented Read more

Deploying an ATG Site

iBizSoft ATG Practice team members have been actively working on couple of ATG Sites. This team was able to find various nuances in release 10.2 in terms of designing and building an ATG site using Commerce Reference Store (CRS) as a reference site. Read more

RightNow CX Portal integrated with Oracle iStore

RightNow CX Portal is based on a PHP technology. An excellent portal for customers to create Order or generate / update Service Requests or query Knowledge base and many other features it offers. Read more

Mobile Oracle Service

Oracle Service is one of most used modules in Oracle EBusiness Suite, popular among many businesses. iBizSoft team developed Mobile Oracle Service where by a service personnel can be on the field servicing the customer and be able to use all the features that Oracle Service offers. Read more

R12.2 Beta Testing

iBizSoft has been selected by Oracle Ebusiness Program Management team as Beta Testers for the new R12.2.X release. Read more

Oracle Service on Mobile devices

Oracle EBS suite provides various customer management modules such as Contact center, Service Request, Responsibility Mapping, Problem codes Mapping, Status Group and Transition. All these services are available to the Oracle EBS user either via oracle forms or web pages. In the era of mobile communication, Oracle services in the form of iOS or Android application will provide the user a portable and faster access. Read more

Integrating Endeca with ATG

ATG-Endeca integration enables indexing of ATG product catalog data in Endeca MDEX Engine, where it can be queried and the results can be displayed on commerce sites. The integrated product provides a better search enhancement tool to the customers of Oracle ATG Web Commerce and Oracle Endeca Commerce. Read more

Enterprise Mobility App - Oracle Sales and Services

If you have implemented Oracle EBS (R11i or R12.X), then this app is for you. This App is currently available for iPhone and Android with additional app, on any other smart device app, can be developed up on finalizing the requirements. So, what would this App do for you as a business or as an end user accessing Oracle EBusiness Suite. Read more

Integration of EAM Work Orders and Purchase Orders with P-Cards

Oracle eAM integrates with Oracle iProcurement/Purchasing to provide an intuitive, Web-shopping interface to order direct items for maintenance work orders. A powerful search engine and multi-supplier self-guiding catalog capabilities are the trademarks of Oracle iProcurement for item selection. Read more

Integrating Endeca with ATG

ATG-Endeca integration enables indexing of ATG product catalog data in Endeca MDEX Engine, where it can be queried and the results can be displayed on commerce sites. The integrated product provides a better search enhancement tool to the customers of Oracle ATG Web Commerce and Oracle Endeca Commerce. Read more

Accessing VNC Console for ODA WLS Virtual Machines 2.5

When working on the ODA patch 2.5 there maybe occasions where you need to VNC into the virtual machine to try and diagnose issues because the standard oakcli doesn't provide enough information. Read more

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