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  1. Rupert Grisham says:

    Additionally by migrating from the archaic Oracle iStore to OCC, we found the following advantages

    By default we got a responsive commerce experience for both B2C and B2B, when we had to ensure Oracle iStore is responsive by customizing the pages

    All your current business functionalities can be migrated when you have the correct Oracle Partner who understands the various nuances of Oracle iStore and Oracle Commerce Cloud

    Since Oracle iStore is fully integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite modules you will need an Oracle Partner who understand Oracle EBS modules as well, and ensure when you migrated to OCC it is able to send all the information to Oracle EBS to complete the Order to Cash flow.

    Definitely a reduced cost to maintain the eCommerce storefront in the long run as Oracle iStore required a minimum of 3 resources – Designer, Developer who understands JSP + Java and a DBA to ensure the site is up and running. OCC storefront can be managed by just 1 resource who has good knowledge of Knockout JS and some administrative tools of OCC.

    Oracle Commerce Cloud has everything you need to grow your online business today and in the future compared to the archaic Oracle iStore technologies like JSP + Java.

  2. Abhijit A. Pawar says:

    iStore to OCC catalog Migration Tool allows administrators / business users to migrate over thousands of catalog content including categories,products,SKUs,etc structured in the iStore Catalog Hierarchy to Commerce Cloud inventory.Admin users may also create new collections,products,products types,SKUs,properties in the OCC inventory as per the business standards / requirements.In addition to catalog data, media items from iStore can be downloaded and bulk uploaded over to the OCC Media Library.

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