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  1. Muttu says:

    I was curious to know if there is any means by which we can control the display of products added to a section. Our requirement is, based on certain inputs from customer, we need to show relevant products to customer (Guided selling).
    I was planning to add all products to a section and then based on some inputs from customer (coming from external application – Need additional JSP to capture these inputs. I have used customizable layout for the section and included a new jsp for middle1)
    control the products displayed to customer.
    I checked iStore api and could not find any methods under Section class to set or add new products dynamically.
    Please suggest

  2. skuttiya says:

    Muttu :

    You are right, there is not iStore API that would do a guided selling based on Customer’s inputs. What you have done, to create a custom JSP to handle this feature, is the only way I can think of.

    Let us know if we can be of any help.

    You may contact us at support@ibizsoftinc.com

    Thank you

  3. jcpenney says:

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